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Toronto is Emma’s city. Born and raised midway between the Annex and Little Italy, she has worn down footpaths on its streets for 33 years. She has watched as the city has changed and morphed and developed into the bustling metropolis it is now. Though her interests are diverse, Emma’s passions and those careers she has found most interesting have one thing in common – at their hearts they revolve around people. Emma’s undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto was in Psychology and Criminology – social sciences aimed at understanding humans.


Emma Gillies

Sales Representative

Following University, she travelled alone on and off for almost four years, taking her to Asia and Africa, where she learned to communicate with people of all ages, languages and backgrounds. Emma’s postgraduate degree in Public Relations was an amalgamation of these past experiences and her interest in people and communication. From there she spent five years in the PR field, working across multiple industries including a non-for-profit organization, an asset management company, and a start-up tech company. Yet across industries, one thing started to become clear – regardless of what position she was hired into, her role consistently developed into one that was client facing. That is because, quite frankly, she just really likes people.

Emma enjoys the process of getting to know new people, and the unique, collective energy that can only be created through genuine human interaction. Her transition into Real Estate was therefore as natural as it was inevitable, merging her passion for client service and her unrelenting adoration for the city that raised her. When it comes to Toronto, Emma has walked its streets, attended its schools, drank in its bars, watched its sports events, and listened to its live music. She knows that Toronto is many things – manic, busy, stressful, vibrant, diverse, dazzlingly beautiful, monstrous, and a constant assault on the senses. But Emma has only ever called Toronto one thing: Home. She now, more than anything, welcomes the opportunity to help put people in spaces they love so that they too can find a pocket of this city to call home.

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